My Dog

The connection I’m able to make to my dog is amazing. My dog is family to me. She is my best friend. She has an incredibly passive personality, that comes with being scared of many things. My dogs name is Sophie. Sophie is 8 years old, with an Instagram and a loving home. Her breed is a Golden Doodle. She’s cream coloured with tight curls that cover her body. Sophie is scared of things such as….recliners, balloons, tall men and yelling. She has a warm hearted soul. She’s nothing but a big, gentle giant. When I arrive home from school I’ll call her name real loud, and she’ll come running up the steps. After she comes running up the steps, I know she was laying on my bed. Sometimes I’ll go down in my room and feel my whole bed for a big, warm spot. She’s a joy to have around, and she loves being goofy just like me. She rolls around the living room on her back, digs her nose in the snow and walks with it like that. She also lays on her back with her legs straight in the air. Sometimes, just for fun, I’ll play a YouTube video that includes puppies barking and whining. Sophie gets so excited, and will bark at the noise, turn her head sideways and perk her ears up. She’s the cuddliest friend ever. I’m glad she’s in my life, and I hope she never leaves.
Just in case you were curious about my dogs “Instagram”, you can follow her at @sophie_the_goldendoodle on Instagram.


2 thoughts on “My Dog

  1. She is such a doll! I have a doodle and she’s so much like you describe your Sophie! A gentle giant, scared of a lot, particularly trash cans that have the foot pedal that opens the top, full trash bags, and garbage bins (like the big ones you dump your trash bags in), and of course garbage trucks! She loves nothing more than snoozing in my bed by herself after she’s had a good game of fetch or played a bit. And she is the love of my life!

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