A Rant…

So it’s pretty easy to just go on about things you don’t like. Well that’s what I’m about to do. Nothing special, just a rant. I can guarantee some of you will be able to relate to some things I rant about. Have fun reading!

Don’t you hate when someone acts like they’re superior over you and others? It bugs me so much. Words can’t even explain how much this bothers me deep down inside and sometimes I try to understand why it bothers me soooo much. I may never know why, but I know that I just wanna knock these people down that do this. It’s annoying to think that someone assumes they’re better than you and have to show off their confidence (if that’s what you want to call it) in a rude way. It’s super annoying when I’m at work and it seems like time just stopped. I’ll check the clock (what seems like) 10 minutes later, and it’ll only have moved about a minute. It drives me insane.


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