Things that are currently popping into my mind…


 The title pretty much says it all. Don’t you wish you could read minds? Don’t you ever wonder why you thought of something so weird? • Here’s your chance to read what’s on my mind…

Jugde away…

There’s really nothing on my mind right now… and tbh I feel like I look as if I’m Asian atm. I’m staring at my iPhone screen and my eyes are squinting. Someone just flushed the toilet in my house….. I’m soooo weird. I haven’t checked my private Twitter in like 20 minutes, I’ll do that after I’m done writing this blog post that no one will ever read 😦 Haha whatever, I actually don’t care because I’m tired. I really don’t want to go camping because I’m tired and #lazy. Oh yeah and I like to use hashtags to get more likes on my Instagram posts…. In hope that someday I’ll be…..famous. I’m never going to be famous because whenever I see famous people, they all wear buckets of makeup it seems like and they all have talent that we all wish we had, but don’t. Now I’m closing my eyes hoping I don’t make any typos. Can I just go to sleep? No I can’t because any moment I’ll be interrupted by someone in this house. I can hear my dad, here he comes down the stairs… *Please don’t talk to me, or see me… I just want to sleep* Yep he just asked me to pick my crap up off the floor and empty the garbage -_- Can I just sleep. I’m too lazy. Do it yourself dad. Yeah I’m going to go do my chores quick. Bye.


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